Palisade Fencing

Palisade Fencing

For locations that require a higher level of security, Palisade Fencing is the one to choose, it has proved to be extremely resistant to vandalism, due to its strong steel construction, and it is very difficult to climb up, thats what makes it such a great choice for industrial sites, business premises and schools.

CLA Fabrications supplies Palisade fencing in both the W section style and the D section style, standard heights tend to be around three metres but we have no problem in supplying higher if required.

We also manufacture Palisade Swing Gates to go with the palisade fencing, they can be either in a swing mechanism or automated, please contact us for a quote to discuss your requirements by Clicking Here

We also sell Bent Bows, Angle Cleats and Punched Bar at the Best Prices around!


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