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Metal Railings

Why are we one of the UK's most trusted Metal Railings Manufacturers?

CLA Fabrications have over 20 years experience when it comes to the manufacture and fabrication of Metal Railings.

We only use the best quality materials for our fencing, which means they are built to last!

Metal Railing Contractor

The manufacturing and supply of Metal Railings for residential, commercial, industrial and educational buildings is our key service as railing contractor. Wrought iron, steel and aluminum are some of the common materials we use for the manufacturing and fabrication processes. Our specialization is in the areas of acoustic fencing, bow top fencing, estate fencing, mesh fencing, palisade fencing and vertical bar fencing etc. We follow the BS EN 1722 standards for our processes related to the selection of material, engineers and technicians, machinery & tools and the methods of manufacturing and fabrication.

Quality Standards – Requirements and Recommendations

  • Machinery: The CNC machines we use for the manufacturing of metal railings are certified to conform to the British standards and ISO9001-2008. They are fitted with the latest parts for casting, forming, shaping, and cutting, bending and related processes. We ensure maximum tensile strength, weather resistance, corrosion protection and long durability for all our products. The shape, weight and dimensions of the rails depend on the standard and customized specifications.
  • Design: We have an expert team of technicians who plan and design our products based on the safety, security, durability, and other quality parameters. Using the state of the art systems like CAD we are able to specify the mandatory and recommended parameters for the metal railings production and finishing processes.
  • Methods: Our production procedures are based on the ISO-9001-2008 specifications and British Standards. We consistently review our processes and procedures to find space for improvisation. Hence we are able to cope with the constantly increasing competition.
  • Fabrication: The fabrication processes at our production unit are based on the safety standards for the children, domestic pets, farm animals, and the other residents within the buildings. Our security measures are aimed at protection from intruders, trespassers and other probable risks. The spacing between two pales is the most important aspect for anti-trap feature, which we customize, based on specific requirements of our customers. Our fabrication methods include welding, galvanizing, power coating, base plating and other related procedures.

Our Metal Railing Types – Customised for Every User

Acoustic Fencing

The basic purpose of acoustic fencing design is to filter and eliminate the noise emanating from traffic and other external elements. Our designs, materials, production and fabrication methods are in conformance to the BS EN 1794 standards. Our fabrication methods ensure highest level of security from intruders and trespassers. We follow the BS and customer specifications, while designing the dimensions (height, thickness, length etc) of the fencing assembly.
  • Absorption Levels: The metal railings we fabricate can be covered with acoustic barriers made of metal and other boards of specific thickness. We ensure proper fixing of dampeners, boards, tuning forks and other integral parts of the acoustic metal railings.
  • Reflection Levels: The materials that we use in the acoustic fencing can reflect most of the sound vibrations that are generated from the external environment. This sort of design reduces the waves by more than 70%. The remaining 28% to 29.5% noise gets filtered by the absorption.
  • Customer Benefits: The customers for our acoustic metal railings come from residential buildings, hospitals, schools, senior care homes, and commercial and industrial buildings.

Bow Type Fencing

The bow type fencing that we produce are for enhancing the aesthetic features of the architecture. They can be used in parks, residences, schools and any other location where exterior deco, safety and security from intrusion are required.
  • Design: The design of the bow type of fencing is basically done to increase the visual appearances of the metal railings. The factors of tensile strength, corrosion resistance, durability, painting surface finishing and safety are customized according to the customer needs.
  • Fabrication: Our fabrication methods can be customized according to the required height, thickness, dimensions and other factors according to customer requirements. Our prefabricated metal railings can be installed on every kind of landscape and environmental condition. Our cost effective fencing solutions provide maximum security when they are installed by professionals.
  • Customer Benefits: The bow type of fencing we fabricate are meant for moderate security and high safety locations like the gardens, playgrounds etc.

Estate Fencing

The estate fencing we fabricate can be fabricated with animal and pest netting, enhanced attractiveness; customized heights, tensile strength and resistance to environmental damages.
  • Design: Our metal railings design for the estate fencing depends on the specific customer requirements. We also supply standardized dimensions according to the BS EN 1794 guidelines
  • Fabrication: The process of fabrication, painting and finishing of the estate finishing consider panel height, width, post height and shape, railing types and dimensions, panel design etc. We ensure invisible joints (we avoid all the externally visible patches, welding marks and other disturbing factors)
  • Customer Benefits: The estate fencing we fabricate is useful for horticulture, residences, restaurants, and commercial buildings for which exterior décor is the key factor and visual appeals are most important.

Mesh Fencing

  • Design: The design of the metal railings we install is customized to specific access control. The mesh type, interior and exterior layers, sealing requirements (welded, fastened and other types), material strength, coverage area and other relevant parameters determine the design of or metal railings for the mesh fencing.
  • Fabrication: We can customize the fabrication, painting, assembly and finishing procedures depending on the location wherein the mesh fencing is installed and utilised
  • Customer Benefits: Mesh fencing can be used in high access restriction locations and safety zones

Palisade Fencing

  • Design: The design of our palisade fencing with metal railing is made for maximum security from intrusion. Vertical railings are welded between multiple horizontal bars (one, two or more)
  • Fabrication: The fabrication methods we use for the metal railings ensure stability and strength on every type of landscape to ensure durability and resistance to environmental elements.
  • Customer Benefits: Farmhouses, schools, residences, estates and other commercial and industrial establishments can benefit from our palisade fencing

Vertical Bar Fencing

  • Design: We have the expertise and experience in designing the metal railings for multiple types of vertical bar fencing (variable heights and dimensions, installation platforms etc) depending on the base metal, its thickness, number of railings, railing type and shape etc
  • Fabrication: Our fabrication methods can provide maximum material strength, stability, durability and visual appeals with vast range of finishing and painting options
  • Customer Benefits: Being generic type of fencing, it can be utilized by every customer category over various landscapes for safety and security

Our range of products are suitable for a broad range of purposes, from residential fencing through to security and commercial fencing, please click on one of the links below to view more information and actual product images.


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